In the Quiet

NSW Premier’s Literary Awards – Shortlisted
Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction – Shortlisted
Australian Book Industry Awards – Longlisted
Indie Book Awards – Longlisted 

A moving, sweet and uplifting novel of love, grief and the heartache of letting go, from a wonderful new Australian author. Cate Carlton has recently died, yet she is able to linger on, watching her three young children and her husband as they come to terms with their life without her on their rural horse property.

As the months pass and her children grow, they cope in different ways, drawn closer and pulled apart by their shared loss. And all Cate can do is watch on helplessly, seeing their grief, how much they miss her and how – heartbreakingly – they begin to heal.

Gradually unfolding to reveal Cate’s life, her marriage, and the unhappy secret she shared with one of her children, ‘In the Quiet’ is compelling, simple, tender, true – heartbreaking and uplifting in equal measure.

Praise for In the Quiet 

“Henry-Jones, in her debut novel, has structured a glorious book that will make you cry, guaranteed. But it’s also uplifting and tender. A surprise find.” – The Age 

“This hearttugging first novel is a beautifully paced mixture of romance, family saga and mystery.” – The Adelaide Advertiser  

“This sad, gentle story explores love, grief and family; the nature of time and memory; the destructiveness of secrets; and the pain of letting go. It’s an impressive debut and should appeal to readers who enjoyed Tree Palace, The Railwayman’s Wife and Foal’s Bread.”- Books and Publishing 

“You will weep, and marvel, and pass this book on, and on, to your friends. I was trapped in its spell and am still trapped.” – Nikki Gemmell 

“In the Quiet is an accomplished first book from an exciting new talent. I fell in love with it slowly, over the course of many chapters. It’s a quiet book (appropriately named) and an utterly lovely one.”- Readings 

“Beguiling and bittersweet” – Jessie Cole 

“An affirming narrative, suffused with beauty, gentleness and calm.” Judges Report – UTS GLENDA ADAMS AWARD

“The story is equal parts beautiful, sad and uplifting, and this is one of my favourite books for the year.”- Natasha Lester 

“Uplifting and heartwarming … a beautiful depiction of Australian rural life.”
– Better Reading

“This is an absorbing, thoughtful and langorous debut told in such a compelling voice that I have no doubt it will linger in your thoughts long after you have turned the final page.” – Book Muster Down Under 

“…beautiful, tender, evocative and gorgeously written.” – Books and a Baby

“This Aussie debut is quite amazing especially when you consider the author is only 25 years old!” – Book Bonding 

“Simply, In the Quiet is a beautiful and tender debut novel. Eliza Henry-Jones is a bright new talent in Australian literature with a voice that is accomplished, fresh and utterly engaging.” –Judges Report – READINGS PRIZE FOR NEW AUSTRALIAN WRITING 2015

“A quiet book about grief and loss that will reel you in, page by page, until you simply can’t put it down.” – Book Birdy 

“By page ten I was in tears, and I didn’t think I could handle the rest on a bad week, but something about the voice of the novel was impossible to keep away from. While the themes of the novel are incredibly moving and at times upsetting, this was a strangely comforting book.” –Emily Paull 

“Eliza is a trained grief, loss and trauma counsellor and her skill and expertise dealing with the difficult subject of the death of a mother adds to the poignancy and authenticity of the novel. There’s laughter and tears which ensures this first novel by a talented young writer will receive high praise from all who read it. “ – Barbara Horgan, Boffins Bookshop 

“I happened to be reading this novel at a time of remembrance of a big love in my life. It tapped into that beautiful and very sad core of grief in me. Rather than being upset by this, I treasured how Henry Jones wrote about loss. It was a gift.”– Emma, The Big Book Club