Two Book Deal with HarperCollins


Something that I talk about a lot on panels and such is the fact that I wrote ten manuscripts before In the Quiet was picked up in 2014. I hadn’t really given much thought to all the manuscripts tucked into my hard drive, but talking about them so much over the past couple of years got me thinking¬†about them again. And there was one that I’d written when I was sixteen. It was a special story for me – for year twelve art I’d actually typeset it, bound it and designed a cover for my final piece of assessment. I leant it out to friends, who all dutifully told me it was brilliant (I have good friends). And I sent it out to a few places. And then, nothing. So I did what most people do – I tucked it away and tried to forget about it.

And then, last year, I pulled it out and started reading. My writing had gotten better in the intervening ten years (THANK GOODNESS), but there was something about the story that I really liked. I’m the sort of person who works intensively on a project and then sets it aside, so during a bit of down time on my third novel for HarperCollins, I started playing with this old, familiar story that felt like a long lost friend.

Twelve years after I first finished it, my little YA novel is being published. ¬†It’s really highlighted for me that putting something aside and working on new projects is not a failure. In this case, it was extremely valuable.

There are more details on the books+publisher website.

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